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Dallas Scott Hudgens, Jr.,  a longstanding entrepreneur, land developer, and philanthropist in the Atlanta area, was a veteran of WWII, having served in the United States Army in the European theater.  During his tour of duty, he landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, fought in the major battles of Normandy and Cherbourg, and participated in the spearhead at the breakout of Normandy. As allied troops advanced out of France into Germany, he fought at the Siegfried line, Hurton Forest, and the Battle of the Bulge.

On a visit to the American cemetery at Normandy in 1995, Scott was awestruck with the beauty and serenity of the site, which overlooks the English Channel. He envisioned a similar cemetery on a 775-acre parcel of land he owned in Georgia, with vistas of the North Georgia Mountains and Lake Allatoona, believing it would be a perfect final resting place for those who served and a place for quiet reflection for their families and loved ones. It was then that he decided to donate the land that would become the Georgia National Cemetery.

Mr. Hudgens did not live to see the finalization of the donation or the completion of the cemetery, but he died knowing that everything was in order to ensure that his gift to other veterans would be fulfilled. The cemetery was dedicated on June 4, 2006.


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