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DISCLOSURE: Under the exclusive and required governance of the National Cemetery Administration Division of the U.S.  Department of Veteran Affairs, the Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council, Inc. (GNCAC) located in Canton, Georgia is a properly formed and Federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Further, GNCAC, consistent with the many other American National Veterans’ Cemeteries located in all States and their Federally regulated charitable Advisory Councils, are established, prescribed and operated under the exclusive auspices of the Federal National Cemetery Administration. Therefore, the stipulated and singular mission of the National Cemeteries Administration and all of its governed Advisory Councils for each National Cemetery is devotion to a perpetually maintained, final resting place and Memorial for honored Veterans, their spouses, and dependent children. GNCAC as a singularly focused, Federal Cemetery charity is 100% volunteer operated, predominately by Veterans. It has no paid staff, no rent or related overhead, and negligible other administrative out-of-pocket operating expenses. GNCAC does not utilize employees, contractors, or other paid resources for any solicitation purposes. Fund raising is done only via the efforts of individual volunteers reaching out to their communities and sharing the GNCAC story, needs, and opportunities for honorable services delivered exclusively to the Georgia National Cemetery. Any charitable contributions that may be incidentally received by GNCAC via the passive existence of its web site are ‘de minimis’. Donations received by GNCAC are largely received from the communities located in the general geographical vicinity of the Georgia National Cemetery.

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