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Wreath Removal and Cleanup

Saturday, January 14, 2023

9:00 to 10:00 am For Instructions

Removal Begins At 10:00 am

The Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council thanks you for your overwhelming support this past December 17, 2022.  We fully understand and apologize for the issues surrounding traffic.  We will review and make changes for all future events at Georgia National Cemetery.

Wreaths Across America is a privately sponsored program.  Wreaths are sponsored through donations.  The Wreaths Across America Program is not affiliated with the Veterans Affairs and/or the National Cemetery Administration.  However, the program is authorized to function thereby allowing the placement of wreaths each year.   The Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council conducts and controls this program.  Accordingly, the removal and disposal of the wreaths are also the responsibility of the Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council.  Cemetery employees are not responsible for the removal.  As beautiful as the Balsam Wreaths enhance the already pristine grounds of Georgia National Cemetery, they cannot remain.  On Saturday, January 14, 2023, at 10:00 am we will begin the removal of all the wreaths from the gravesites and also from the Columbarium's.  The wreaths will ultimately be placed in large portable dumpsters to be hauled away and disposed of.  Stage at the Public Information Center which is the building to the right just after entering the cemetery.  Council personnel will be there to provide you with guidance.  After everyone is clear on the procedures, we will disperse to the various sections of the cemetery to begin the removal.  Bring a leaf rake with you.  The procedure is to slide the wreaths down the handle thereby enabling you to move more wreaths than just a few.  You then drag the rake across the ground to the designated area.  Also bring work gloves as the wreaths have pine tar.  Older work clothes are also advisable.  19,700 wreaths were placed during the 2022 Wreaths Across America Program.  The entire process of removing the wreaths and placing them in the dumpsters will take approximately two hours depending on the amount of assistance.  The more the support from the public, the faster the process.  The removal of the wreaths is mandatory and must be conducted on a Saturday as no interment services are conducted on Saturday.  Accordingly, the removal will take place rain, shine, or cold.  Bring water with you to stay hydrated.  Remember, this is hallowed ground.  No horseplay, no music, no loud or boisterous activity.  Please come out and join us in removing the wreaths.  The Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council thanks you for your continued support.

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