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"Let Freedom Ring" by Susan R. Dolan, GNCAC All Rights Reserved.

The Veterans Tribute Carillon Tower, a four story, state-of-the-art carillon bell tower, was installed May 16, 2020 in the center of the Traffic Circle just past the Public Information Center at Georgia National Cemetery. It tops one of the highest, most visible points in our state’s national cemetery in Canton. It stands as a beacon of appreciation to veterans — past, present, and future. After years of fundraising, processing delays, and a pandemic, this Tower stands!


The Tower was commissioned by Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council (GNCAC) and made by The Verdin Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. On May 15, the Tower was transported across four state lines by an escort of over 125 motorcycles (Patriot Guard, Honor Guard Riders, etc), 30 corvettes from the Classic Glass Corvette Club of Marietta, and countless first responders. 

The Tower has three functional cast bronze bells. The bells were cast, in part, by military medals and other mementos from American wars. Contributors mailed in items old and new from near and far for the bell casting ceremony held at the Verdin Foundry on March 6, 2020. In addition to the bells, the Tower features a Schulmerich g5 Carillon audio system which plays more than 7,800 musical selections in various genres and voices. “Taps” and “Volley” are, of course, included. The songs can be heard across the entire cemetery. Chime times and Carillon concert schedules will be posted.

GNCAC is still accepting donations for the future care and maintenance of this and other monuments at Georgia National Cemetery. Your support is needed and appreciated, please consider making a donation today.


Veterans Tribute Carillon Tower Chime and Concert Schedule

Chimes weekdays at 8:30am, 12:05pm, and at 4:30pm it plays a patriotic concert for about 18 minutes. 

Chimes weekends at 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, and at 5:00pm ​it plays a patriotic concert and service songs for about 20 minutes.

Taps is played each day at 7:00pm.  

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