Memorial Day 2021

We finally got approval from the NCA to place flags in mass on the headstones at Georgia National Cemetery! The public is invited to join us this year. We had to cancel organized flag placement in 2020 due to the pandemic. We did have flags lining the roads and a flyover tribute to honor veterans in lieu of flags last year. We're so glad to come together again as a community this year to place flags.

Flag placement will start Friday, May 28 from noon to 4PM and continue Saturday, May 29 from 9AM to noon. We will limit the number of flags to no more than 50 per person so that everyone gets to participate. We will also limit the flag distribution to 30% on Friday in anticipation of Saturday being the heavier day. We will continue handing out flags on Saturday until the cemetery is completely covered. There is no need to bring flags with you as we have more than enough. Masks and social distancing are recommended as not everyone has received vaccinations.

We are only allowed a virtual ceremony but we will post it on our website along with photos of the flag placements. Thank you for your patience and Happy Memorial Day!

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