The signature entryway plaza which includes the beautiful (pictured) marble sign that boldly beckons visitors to Georgia National Cemetery, was completely commissioned and constructed by Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council (GNCAC). Located off of Hwy 20, the entry road is not part of the cemetery property, therefore the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) and the Veterans Administration (VA) had no part in funding or constructing the magnificent project. The entire fate of the signature entryway plaza rested on efforts by the volunteers at Georgia National Cemetery Advisory Council (GNCAC).


GNCAC was fortunate to garner support from Evan Howell, an owner of The Blue Ridge Marble Company in Nelson, Georgia. With Evan’s guidance and direction, the tastefully designed entryway came to fruition as a gift from the company. It was given in honor of military veterans who serve our country. To complete the pleasing aesthetics of the entrance area, The Scott Hudgens Foundation assisted The Blue Ridge Marble Company to install the marble pavers which provided the finishing touch. This gift is a fitting one, as Scott Hudgens a WWII veteran, donated the tract of land on which Georgia National Cemetery occupies.

GNCAC is solely responsible for the future care and maintenance of the entrance. With your financial support, we'll keep the signature entryway plaza pristine for generations to come.